Friday, January 21, 2011

The Biggest Hearts

After I lost Sundance, I found myself in a battle with several contributors to my pain that I had not anticipated. I should not be surprised I was not prepared for them because I had never had a relationship with an animal that was so deep and connected. But I was truly, and confusingly surprised at how minimizing some could be of not only the depth and value of the relationship to me, but also of the eternal importance and fate of an animal. 

These responses were offset, thankfully, by the kindness and caring of others, my faith, and GOD'S sustaining and validating assurances through little, yet otherwise unexplainable events.

As a grown man, a guy's guy, I realized right away how I myself had never stopped, and taken the time, to truly see how important and meaningful pet relationships were. While it is true I had never had such a relationship and from that perspective can understand it, I still regret not being more sensitive. That is a regret which is real. I also recalled right away the friends I had known and watched as they suffered the loss of an animal, and while I certainly felt for them in those times, how I regret I did not try harder to comfort them.

Understanding this, I am committed to never again allow any responsibility, function, title, or level of status to EVER lead me to be too busy, self important, or seemingly so essential, that I forget my GOD appointed duty to love and care for animals of all kind. My momentary distraction and attention focused on a wrong priority, a business gadget, cost Sundance his life. I am trusting GOD to make that right for him, and he will. I cannot.

Animal advocacy to me, is not radical and disruptive. It is the simple daily kindness and care of the animal life entrusted to us, and those we encounter. It is understanding the "chain of command." 
As the ranking officers, made in GOD'S image, on this earth, we are duty charged to lead and care for our lesser, but essential animal friends. Any General speaking in honor will acknowledge that without the lower ranking "boots on the ground", the force is not complete.

The same is true of creation. It is our duty and privilege to appreciate all those who honor this duty to GOD and his creation. Theirs are truly the biggest hearts.