Thursday, March 8, 2012

Losing A Pet: Hope In-spite Of Pain

As a grown adult male, I understand we live in a world where, far too often, men are faced with the stereotypical responses to our pain such as, "handle it, you're a big boy."
Thanks to my relationship with Sundance, I can now say, "yep, I am a big boy indeed. And because I am, I hurt like hell, and am not ashamed of that, over the loss of a relationship with a dog." Yep, a canine.
Thanks to him, I can say, NOTHING and no one is so significant, so necessary to the function of any organization, or community, to not stop and realize, at the end of the day, all life is essential and necessary in God's universe.We, as men, are a valued part of, but not necessary (individually) to the function of this world we live in.
So, set the briefcase down, slow down as you leave home to go do the "important (to the world and our ego) stuff, and feel for your animal, honor your heart when it hurts, and give yourself the benefit of affirming your heart, not pride, is your badge. Wear it with pride.