Sunday, June 26, 2016

Remembering Louise: Welcoming Lucille


The heartbreak of losing pet family is very simply overwhelming, as is the joy of welcoming new pet family members.Speaking to our friend yesterday,I heard the pain as she shared memories of Louise. And then, the joy as she shared with us her welcoming of Lucille.

Once again, we are reminded that in Gods's universe all is well. Louise had completed her work in our friends life, and Lucille's has begun.Well done Louise.Well done.Its all really perfect, just as a man named Job said so long ago:

'But ask the animals and they will teach you...In his hand is the life of every creature, and the breath of all mankind. ( from Job 13:7-11)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Welcome to ForeverSundance, a blog dedicated to Sundance, my pit bull rescue who lost his life on January 7, 2009. Here you will find content to help you have healing and hope when you have lost a pet/animal friend, a literal family member.

I invite you to read our story and all previous post
Please visit often. I encourage you to have hope, we will begin again with our animal/pet friends

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Salute From Sundance: Well Done Sultan

 Sultan, a retired K9 police dog, is brought to a veterinary clinic in Yarmouth, Maine, to be euthanized, February 13, 2015.
A beloved K9 suffering from seizures and arthritis received a final salute and a police escort, with lights flashing, to the Maine vet clinic where he was euthanized. Read the touching story here:

Friday, March 16, 2012

Encouragement from the book of Job

Heaven, People And Pets: An Eternal Perspective On What Awaits
Remembering my dog Sundance

If you have lost an animal / pet friend, take heart. The KING knows, cares, and because ALL life returns to our creator, they are in the safest hands of all. In the words of Job take comfort:

'But ask the animals, and they will teach you,
or the birds of the air, and they will tell you:
or speak to the earth, and it will teach you,
or let the fish of the sea inform you.
Which of all these does not know
that the hand of the Lord has done this?
In his hand is the life of every creature
and the breath of all mankind.

---Job 13: 7-10 NIV

Monday, March 12, 2012

Remembering Sundance

** This post is from my journal, and is one I wrote shortly after Sundance's death.
I share it here, in this post, unedited, perhaps rambling and run on in sentence structure, but sincere and in humble faith
To anyone who has lost animal, hang on, and have hope. We WILL Begin Again

Sundance was 14 months old the day I witnessed him lose his young life., and I miss him so much. It has been so hard since his death (on this earth as it is) on January 7th, 2009. I am absolutely humbled and brought to my knees by the loss of a kinship and a love that has, in the deepest since, made me turn and seek the face of my God, his God, our God, and to find a way to honor his young life.

In my grief, I am learning, as I have sought hope and answers, each day in our world, there are losses of love and relationships with our animal friends.
I now understand losing these companions and helpers often devastate the human heart, for many, as deeply as when we lose a human love, and life. It is not a comparison of the value of life, it is an acknowledgment of our God's divine wisdom, that love is very simply, love.
Every day I live with a knowing and an understanding that my life is an opportunity to be a better person, an opportunity to love more, live better, honor and make amends for past mistakes and wrongs, while I balance my need to forgive with my hope for forgiveness, and an acceptance of the consequences of my wrongs.

The circumstances of Sundance losing his life have haunted me, not because I intentionally did anything to hurt him, but because allowing myself to be distracted, and an overconfidence in life shielding us from any consequence that I would not be able to fix. In short, I have never made an error in judgment that has ended a life, and see the mercy of God's love for the times in my life, when irresponsible behavior, or uncaring conduct could have.
The morning he lost his life, as I stood nearby, talking on my phone, watching him, I allowed him to be playing and exploring in our front yard, even thinking to myself, how much he was enjoying this exploration, and never dreaming he would feel somehow threatened by the passing vehicle, and attack it. I had been so close with him, when you saw me, you saw Sundance, a relationship I had wanted all my life, and I failed him, not meaning to, yet I did, and it breaks my heart.
I know Satan, the shadow and darkness of all evil, want to use it as the weapon to break my back, and my hope is in answering that effort, each day, with these words, allowing God, and those I trust, to help me stand in them;
No matter what, I refuse to let this, or anything else, I must live with, turn me from the God who sent his son to give his life for me, who has given me a blessed life, a wonderful wife and children, their children, and good people who have loved me often when I did not or could not. And of course, the blessing of my wonderful soul mate, Sundance.

I believe surrender comes only when hope is all that is left, and that hope becomes the faith to go on.I have ask God over and over to help me know that Sundance is safe in his eternal care, a peaceful, playful place he so deserves for the beautiful and perfectly mirrored unconditional love of our creator. He fulfilled a ministry of God's love, wonder and devotion so beautifully. I must trust that God cares for ALL HIS CREATION, with a love that can answer my doubt, guilt and hurt, assuring me he loves Sundance far more than I can, that my boy he is safe in his care.

Sundance, and all the animals we love, have no need for redemption, as we do, they have never fallen. We were given dominion over them, with Adam even given the privilege to name them. We have often failed them, they have not failed us.
I find a lot of comfort in these words from Psalms 104: 30, which are words regarding all creatures; 'When you send your spirit, they are created, and you renew the face of the earth' (NIV)
Words such as these shield me from the disappointment of those in positions of spiritual leadership, ministers, scholars or “experts” regarding God's word who take a safe, "middle of the road” position regarding the eternal destiny of ALL God's creatures.
Of course it may not be specifically addressed in God's word, because, as I believe, it was given as an instruction for our human redemption. I feel the simple application of love and logic, both God given, make it clear, our God, the author of love, would not, simply discard any of his creatures and their contribution to our lives, indeed so many are better examples of his unconditional love than we are for ourselves.
I understand we are not to add to God's word, or take from it, yet neither are we required to accept teachings absent of the obvious. In a recent article, Randy Alcorn, author of the book, “Heaven”, told the story of a young 8 year old girl asking Billy Graham, “my dog died last week,will they be in heaven? His reply was “ if it would make you happy, yes they will.” Beautiful, direct and kind.
I feel an acceptance today that I have been asking God to spare me from doubt and guilt when it attacks my heart and soul, by “telling me” my beloved boy Sundance is safe. I want that assurance, yet whether or not I have it, or feel it, I believe God's grace and mercy are in our lives, in Sundance's life, and I will honor and trust him, no matter what. Again, I believe surrender comes only when hope is all that is left, and that hope becomes the faith to go on.
On Valentines Day, thankful for the love and health of my loved ones, and feeling God's care for Sundance, I found myself thinking of the lessons from his young life. It occurred to me, the only assurance and protection we have in life, against the hurts and storms of life, is in an unwavering walk and relationship with God, which guards us against the slow, sometimes subtle slipping away, distance, complacency, and life decisions that can be harmful to us and others each day.
I believe God's “formula” for “success" is found in Joshua 1: 7- 8;

'Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you; Do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go. Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to DO everything in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. (NIV)

Be strong and very courageous;
Looking back over my life, and seeing I have too often lived by the worldly, guy's guy definition of strong and courageous, and have been satisfied, I've measured up to that understanding. I now see, clearly, true strength and courage require a humble and sincere admission that I am not capable, on my own, and without help and support, to successfully navigate life, successfully producing peace, trust and a calm assuring contentment in all ares' of my life. In my words, I call it strong enough to not be strong. As a man, I am certain many men feel and understand our need to redefine our understanding of what these words really mean.Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you. I cannot pick and choose the acceptance and application of some of God's law, it's just that simple. I have proven to myself, and everyone in my life, especially those I have failed, living only those I choose will not produce successful living, abilities to honor my commitments to God, to others, and life. And yes, any life, any form.

Do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go;
For me, turning to the right is, and has been, whenever I am selfish, unkind, or any form of behavior that is harmful or hurtful to my relationships. By contrast, turning to the left is the inevitable result and growth of self rejection, guilt and lack of self forgiveness, which was born in a very damaging childhood, but is not excused, and is not the cause or justification of hurting myself or others. In my own words, I say it this way; When I fail others I fail myself, when I fail myself, I fail others.

Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth;
This, to me, simply means, when I speak anything not honoring God's word, and his way, I will produce results and behavior that align with those words. It is, in my life, another reason to strive for controlling my tongue, a challenge all it's own.

Meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to DO everything in it; I feel I meditate on something when I participate in it, whether it is an activity, a thought or an attitude. Whatever I choose to do, and be a part of is, to me, is meditating (feeding) it. Enough said. It simply becomes “alive” in my behavior and the results. On a recent Insight For Living broadcast, I recall Chuck Swindoll saying he has the word DO in this verse circled in his Bible, because, as he said, that is what it really comes down to. And I agree, seeing I have worked hard in my life, trying to learn the answer, or understand the answer. Being honest, I see how I have faked myself out many times by the “knowledge is power”, or “simply knowing is enough” mindset. It's all irrelevant if I don't DO it. I need God's help to act and carry out this way of living. I have failed miserably trying to do it alone, and I expect many people feel and have experienced the same.

Then you will be prosperous and successful;
Here it is; the payoff. And today, I know, it means far more than what the world accepts. Today, in my life, it has got to mean caring for others, being at peace, treating all those in my life respectfully; Also, to appreciate and protect my desire to be consistently loving of my family, my friends and my life. And YES, my beautiful Sundance, my gift from God, who has helped me see, so deeply, more than ever, how much I have and have had in life to love and appreciate, including him.I hope today, and everyday, forever, God gives him a big High 5!, and one day, I will too. I will celebrate today, knowing God will protect and care him, and bless my new undertaking, a tribute to him,
What a blessing he has been to me, and his life has shown me, as I said, as clear as crystal, the blessings and gift of all those I love. And he will do the same for you, those you love, and may have lost, and especially for those of us who may be burdened by guilt and the brutal beating of mistakes, if we allow it.

I hope you and I can be comforted by Romans 8;28, and have the trust that God can and will make it all right, for those who love him. Regardless of anything we have done, in our brokenness and error, he knows how to conquer the consequences we cannot.Thank You Sundance. Whoever says animals can't speak, tell em to call me!
Peace Baby Boy
copyright/SteveChapman 2009

Symphony Of Creation

Prior to January 7th, 2009, I could not hear it. But on that day, witnessing Sundance lose his young life, the pain both broke and opened my heart in a way I have never known and I will never be the same again.
In the days since, as I have turned full face and on my face, to our God, I have learned there is a God given sound which is perfect. It is the sound of creations symphony, in which every creature and every life is essential, and plays the instrument given by our creator. As I began to hear it after losing Sundance, I also struggled to deal with other sounds, like those of heartache, yearning and loss.
The love between human beings, pets, and animals mirrors the perfect and unconditional love of GOD, our creator. I never knew the depth of love between animals and people because I had not experienced it. I now understand it is a kinship and connection which has joined Sundance to my heart, soul, and spirit.
Sundance, for the year he was with us, gave me gifts and helped me heal in areas I have always kept hidden. He tore down and crumbled a fortress around my heart, built long ago, fully exposing it for the first time the day I saw his face. I needed him, and I needed what he has given me in his death. He has shown me the way back to my God, and the sound of the symphony. He has shown me, through his death, the depth and magnitude of suffering when a pet or animal we love is lost. Until I lost him and began a desperate search for hope and comfort, I had never heard stories such as these:
A grown man crying as he held the stray cat he had taken in and had come to love, a cat that was sick and dying. Hearing him describe his anguish and his grief stricken cries. Listening to him describe his helplessness as he held the cat while it looked at him as if to say, "why are you trying to hurt me?" This man screamed in the agony of not being able to tell his dying friend that his actions, which seemed hurtful, were really a desperate attempt to administer help. Sitting in a patio chair, a man of 50 years old cried freely and openly through the eyes of a child and held his small friend as it quietly went home. The symphony, of which he is a part, must play on perfectly and drown out the dark sound of grief with sounds so beautiful that the dark sounds of loss are overcome forever.
I had never heard the the depth of pain in comments such as, "I had to have my horse put down and I don't know how to go on" or, "I had to put my dog to sleep because she was too broken and I'm just lost."
I read the words of a woman with a big heart, describing how she cried while chasing a fatally wounded cat who had been sleeping on a car engine when it was started, and finally catching, then holding the cat hoping it would suffer no more.
I cried when learning of one woman's deep anguish because she had accidentally backed over her young kitten that she had not seen follow her to her car.
The "business" of living and the distorted priorities of this world CANNOT be allowed to be heard over the symphony. To the pain of grief and loss, as representatives of a loving God, WE MUST respond with love. The symphony must play so loud and peacefully that it brings healing and hope. We have got to make caring for each other and all life the most important part of our day, EVERYDAY. This symphony must play on for them, overcoming the temporary, with the harmony of forever, when he will make ALL THINGS NEW.
In my life i have missed many opportunities to comfort and really reach out to others by playing, consistently, the instrument GOD assigned me in life. I want to be part of helping others heal and have hope when losing "animal family". I WILL respond to their NEEDS by sharing the hope which lives in the sounds of creations symphony.
For Sundance and I, the symphony has played sounds that affirm our spirits and it means so much to me now. Calming and soothing, it plays sounds that answer my pain and bring peace and hope. Creations symphony helps the place in my heart where fear and pain converge into garbled questions:
Is Sundance in heaven?
Does he know how much we miss him?
Is he lonely?
Each time, the symphony answers the questions and the grief with the assurance that our God, our pets and animals GOD, loves and values ALL his creation. It assures me each time with a strong yet gentle "YES! Sundance is in heaven; YES! he knows we love him and NO! he is neither lonely or suffering. Love and logic, both God given, remind us that our pets and animal friends have no need for redemption, they've never fallen. God gave man dominion over them, even to name them. We fell, they did not.
And the sweetest notes of all remind me that GOD, the author of love, would not give us these animals, friends from his creation, who bring so much love and loyalty, and then leave them in death to an eternity of nothingness.
Sundance, I love you, we love you and we will be there. Because of you, and your gifts to me and my life, our lives, to honor our loving God, as a member of creations symphony, I will play on.
Peace, my baby boy

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Losing A Pet: Hope In-spite Of Pain

As a grown adult male, I understand we live in a world where, far too often, men are faced with the stereotypical responses to our pain such as, "handle it, you're a big boy."
Thanks to my relationship with Sundance, I can now say, "yep, I am a big boy indeed. And because I am, I hurt like hell, and am not ashamed of that, over the loss of a relationship with a dog." Yep, a canine.
Thanks to him, I can say, NOTHING and no one is so significant, so necessary to the function of any organization, or community, to not stop and realize, at the end of the day, all life is essential and necessary in God's universe.We, as men, are a valued part of, but not necessary (individually) to the function of this world we live in.
So, set the briefcase down, slow down as you leave home to go do the "important (to the world and our ego) stuff, and feel for your animal, honor your heart when it hurts, and give yourself the benefit of affirming your heart, not pride, is your badge. Wear it with pride.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Introducing GIZMO

GOD is awesome. HE and Sundance, from the heaven above, have sent me (us) a new, beautiful pit Bull rescue we r calling Gizmo!!!!  As always, I say it again:

Go Sundance

Sundance, We WILL begin again

Until then, peace my sweet baby boy

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sundance And TJ

Several days ago, a dear friend and her family, in mercy, sent one of GOD'S finest "home", to his loving creator, to keep my beautiful Sundance company, while he awaits me.
His name is, and was 'TJ"
It comforts me. beyond words I can find as a grown man, to know, ABSOLUTELY KNOW "THEY" are OK, in heaven, awaiting the new earth to come.
I dont know what else to say except, 'TO GOD BE THE GLORY

Friday, January 21, 2011

Heroes and Wonders: A Tribute to Moko

Some of you may remember hearing the amazing story of Moko the New Zealand Dolphin a few years ago.
Moko is no longer with us, having died in 2010, but I wanted to share the story of another one of GOD'S wonders. Here it is below, as previously printed:

How Moko the Dolphin Gave Humans A Master class  In Saving Stranded Whales (from The Sunday Times-London)
April 13, 2008

Moko the dolphin had already won over humans at Mahia Beach, where she plays with swimmers in the New Zealand surf and pushes kayaks along with her snout.
Now the friendly bottle-nosed has shown her empathy for other species, by saving two whales from almost certain death after they became stranded.
Human attempts to guide the two pygmy sperm whales through a narrow escape route from the beach had consistently failed, and all seemed lost until the dolphin intervened.
Moko, a regular visitor to Mahia Beach on the east side of North Island, appeared to communicate with the whales before guiding them to open water.
Malcolm Smith, a field worker for the New Zealand Department of Conservation, said that he had almost given up and was contemplating killing the whales to prevent further distress, until Moko arrived.
“It was amazing,” he said. “It was like she grabbed them by the flipper and led them to safety. We worked for over an hour to try to get them back out to sea . . . but they kept getting disorientated and stranding again.”
The whales — a three metres (10ft) long female and her 1.5-metre male calf — had been unable to negotiate a sand bar that was blocking their way to deeper water.
Mr Smith was alerted to the whales’ plight early on Monday morning by a neighbour. “Over the next hour and a half I pushed them back out to sea two or three times and they were very reluctant to move offshore,” he said.
“I was reaching the stage where I was thinking, it’s about time to give up, I’ve done as much as I can. The whales were getting tired and I was getting cold when Moko turned up. She just came straight for us and escorted the two whales along the beach and out though the channel.”
He heard Moko and the whales making noises before they departed, he said. “The whales were on the surface of the water quite distressed. They had arched their backs and were calling to one another, but as soon as the dolphin turned up they submerged into the water and followed her.”
Moko led the whales 200m along the beach and once they reached the end of the sand bar, Moko turned a right angle through a narrow channel and led the whales to safety.
Rescued whales often return to the site of their stranding, but Moko’s actions appear to have had long-term success. “She obviously gave them enough guidance to leave the area because we haven’t seen them since,” Mr Smith said.

“What the communication was I do not know, and I was not aware dolphins could communicate with pygmy sperm whales.”
Mark Simmonds, director of science at the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, said that bottle-nosed dolphins are renowned for their ability to empathise with humans and other animals. “The whole notion that a bottle-nose dolphin would have shown the whales the way out is completely possible,” he said.
“Dolphins have got the ability to plan, to think ahead, to persuade others to take part. They almost certainly do not have a common language with pygmy sperm whales, but they would understand that the whales would have been at risk of stranding. The first thing a dolphin does when it has a calf is to push it to the surface so it can breathe.”
Dolphins are known to swim in mixed groups with some species of whale to protect themselves from predators, so it may not have been unusual for the animals to associate with one another, he said. He is aware of one instance of a bottle-nosed dolphin — nicknamed Dave by locals in Folkestone, Kent, where the female creature is a regular sighting — playing with a seal.
Moko has become famous for her antics at Mahia, which include playing in the surf with swimmers, approaching boats to be patted and pushing kayaks through the water with her snout. Once she had assisted the whales she immediately returned to the beach to play with local residents.
Such close interaction with humans is rare among dolphins but not unknown. Mr Smith said: “She’s become isolated from her pod obviously for one reason or another, but made Mahia home just at the moment.”
Up to 30 whales become stranded on Mahia Beach every year, most of which have to be put down.
“I don’t know if next time we have a whale stranding we can get her to come in again. She certainly saved the day for us and the whales this time.”

The Biggest Hearts

After I lost Sundance, I found myself in a battle with several contributors to my pain that I had not anticipated. I should not be surprised I was not prepared for them because I had never had a relationship with an animal that was so deep and connected. But I was truly, and confusingly surprised at how minimizing some could be of not only the depth and value of the relationship to me, but also of the eternal importance and fate of an animal. 

These responses were offset, thankfully, by the kindness and caring of others, my faith, and GOD'S sustaining and validating assurances through little, yet otherwise unexplainable events.

As a grown man, a guy's guy, I realized right away how I myself had never stopped, and taken the time, to truly see how important and meaningful pet relationships were. While it is true I had never had such a relationship and from that perspective can understand it, I still regret not being more sensitive. That is a regret which is real. I also recalled right away the friends I had known and watched as they suffered the loss of an animal, and while I certainly felt for them in those times, how I regret I did not try harder to comfort them.

Understanding this, I am committed to never again allow any responsibility, function, title, or level of status to EVER lead me to be too busy, self important, or seemingly so essential, that I forget my GOD appointed duty to love and care for animals of all kind. My momentary distraction and attention focused on a wrong priority, a business gadget, cost Sundance his life. I am trusting GOD to make that right for him, and he will. I cannot.

Animal advocacy to me, is not radical and disruptive. It is the simple daily kindness and care of the animal life entrusted to us, and those we encounter. It is understanding the "chain of command." 
As the ranking officers, made in GOD'S image, on this earth, we are duty charged to lead and care for our lesser, but essential animal friends. Any General speaking in honor will acknowledge that without the lower ranking "boots on the ground", the force is not complete.

The same is true of creation. It is our duty and privilege to appreciate all those who honor this duty to GOD and his creation. Theirs are truly the biggest hearts.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Increase In Natural Disasters: NOT GOD'S Judgement

All creatures need our care 
I believe the increase in natural disasters is NOT the result of God's judgment, but the result of God's tolerance and his inability to break a promise.
What promise, you ask? The promise he made to allow us, as individuals, and communities of people, to choose our courses of action through free will.
 It must be deeply painful to a loving God as he watches our continuing damage and destruction of ourselves, our relationships, other living creatures, and of course, the earth itself. Therein is the explanation for the ever-increasing natural disasters.
A human body neglected and abused breaks down. This is true of our earth and environment, as well as our fellow creatures. The effects of our choices, technology, and so called "progress" are very often toxic These decisions, and the results, are not GOD’s judgment, but the result of our choices.. As a Christian, I am fully convinced we are entering the last days, as evidenced by the alarming increase of turmoil, struggles, and the onslaught of these increasing natural disasters.
Mother nature, all creation, is screaming, fighting back, and flexing her muscle in response to being abused. You and I would do so, appropriately, as well.
I believe this will continue, not as God's judgment, but as the "stage setter" for the end - the time and place - “WE" are bringing upon ourselves, to the brink of ruin, and the need to be saved by the creator of all.
As Paul stated in the book of Romans, "the creation itself waits to be delivered from its bondage to death and decay....." (Romans 8:28), and goes on to say this bondage was the result not of its own choice, but the will of the one who subjected it.
God, in my belief, does not "cause", but "allows", just as he promised.
It is also important to note, in recent years, we have been rapidly finding increasing evidence which scientifically affirms many natural occurrences  as told in The Biblical Narrative. More often than not, naysayers have called these natural, unexplainable events and disasters everything from unlikely to ridiculous. Not so, as we see now how these events became tools, as God directed them to achieve mighty and amazingly uplifting outcomes.
Following the flood, our God made a covenant, not only with man, but every living creature, never again to destroy the earth through those means. It is reasonable and appropriate to conclude his commitment would leave us the freedom to choose. Our choices are often not good for us as individuals, communities of people, other creatures, or our earth and environment. He has watched us destroying our "home", yet in his kindness, when the ruin is complete; he will – mercifully - save us, not from his judgment, but from ourselves, and make "all things new".
We can look forward to a redeemed and resurrected creation, perfect as intended, absent the opportunity to destroy it again

Matin Luther King Jr: More Than Many Know

As I  think of Dr. King today, I am aware of the many gifts to my life having had the opportunity to spend a few years, previously, residing in Atlanta, GA.
It was there I truly came to know the story, and lessons of this mans life. It was also there, most important of all, I met my wife, an Atlanta native, who also graduated with Dr. and Mrs. king's son Dexter.
Today, I think of one of my favorite things I learned from Dr. King:
Wrong means are never justified by right ends. That, I feels is so appropriate now, as we often can mislead ourselves and each other into believing doing something "wrong" is somehow alright if it brings about or is intended to bring about the "right" ends.
Here at, I say to Dr. King, thank you for your legacy, and courage. 
Steve Chapman

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Video Tribute To Sundance

  Photos are grainy due to having been previously compressed for email file 

  size limits, but please enjoy Sundance and the beautiful music of

  Kathryn Scott, "At the Foot of The Cross""


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

American Pride in Arizona

Last night, watching the pre-game activities BCS Championship game in Glendale, Arizona, I found it hard to believe any American could not be proud, or worse, have any desire at all to harm another.

In a very appropriate and tasteful tribute to the Tucson shooting victims, we were invited to remember them and we also should keep them and their families in our prayers.
Additionally, we were ask to remember and should keep in our prayers all those serving and who have served in our military, defending us all.

Then came a huge American flag, followed by the release over the fans of a living national symbol, the beautiful bald eagle "Challenger".

I am proud of our nation, humanity, and also or friends, Sundance and Challenger.

I thank GOD for them

Sunday, December 19, 2010


I love this picture of Sundance because it helps me seeing his joy, playfulness, and gives me comfort knowing he and I will begin again because of a loving creator who made him and all animals.No matter how important or significant any of us feel we are, the simple fact is this 
Animals and our pets mirror God's unconditional love far better than we ourselves do. I tell my son, if animals, though lesser, were not important, the ark could have been a boat built in weeks for just eight people. Instead, an ark with space equal to 360 railroad cars. Case closed Sundance, We Will Begin Again!