Monday, January 17, 2011

Matin Luther King Jr: More Than Many Know

As I  think of Dr. King today, I am aware of the many gifts to my life having had the opportunity to spend a few years, previously, residing in Atlanta, GA.
It was there I truly came to know the story, and lessons of this mans life. It was also there, most important of all, I met my wife, an Atlanta native, who also graduated with Dr. and Mrs. king's son Dexter.
Today, I think of one of my favorite things I learned from Dr. King:
Wrong means are never justified by right ends. That, I feels is so appropriate now, as we often can mislead ourselves and each other into believing doing something "wrong" is somehow alright if it brings about or is intended to bring about the "right" ends.
Here at, I say to Dr. King, thank you for your legacy, and courage. 
Steve Chapman